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Walkthrough Metal Detector MDS9000

Product Code: MDS9000

Self diagnosing when powered on and complete with up to 24 detection zones, our walkthrough metal detector has adjustable sensitivity with sound and LED alarms. Take a look at the features and make an enquiry now.

Characteristics & Functions

  • Self diagnostic when powered on
  • Zone management: detection zones can be adjusted to 6, 16 or 24 zones
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Sound Alarm, 1-25 secs alarm time
  • LED alarm, 4 LED lights on each side
  • Battery back for approximately 4 hours
  • Network Support (optional)
  • Automatically count passengers and alarm times
  • Vibration Protection to prevent false alarms
  • Maximum detecting speed up to 100 passenger per minute
  • Waterproof for outdoor use

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Walkthrough Metal Detector MDS9000 Braun

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Walkthrough Metal Detector MDS9000