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Wired Stress ECG System

Product Code: 10.1645

Wired stress ECG system with 12 channel synchronous recording.

  • 12 channel synchronous recording.
  • Interfere-free applied to assure the based line stability
  • Optional standard or self-designed test protocol.
  • Synchronous display 1 channel, 3 channel, 6 channel or 12 channel ECG.
  • Freeze, store and print 12 channel ECG, Input the blood value at anytime.
  • Display and analyse automatically ST deviation value and heart  rate and blood pressure trend graphic per min.
  • Display the change of 12 channel ST segment in process of testing.
  • Exercise blood pressure monitor.
  • Range Speed: 0-20 km/h.
  • Maximum Load Weight: 160kg

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Wired Stress ECG System

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Wired Stress ECG System