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Braun & Co Ltd Turnkey Solutions


Our expert team, lead by Braun UK, offers a comprehensive service for the design, management and supply of equipment and services for healthcare turnkey tender projects worldwide.

Braun and Co Limited Steel Frame Construction

Sometimes you need everything to be designed, built and prepared ready for you to walk into and use. For a number of years, our expert team has been providing comprehensive design, management and supply of equipment and services for healthcare turnkey tender projects worldwide. Your needs are our priority, and our experience proves invaluable on a wide range of projects.

Turnkey Project Methodology

  • Working with the client’s drawings and architectural list of rooms known as a schedule of accommodation (SOA), we will produce the component room data sheets
  • Where necessary we will incorporate data from various members of the client's design team to accurately track the various components from a design perspective. This will include architectural, electrical mechanical and IT components.
  • This work will be referenced to the SOA and will recognise the client's stated project requirements.
  • Following discussions with the client's project team the room data sheets will be amended accordingly with a subsequent revised bill of quantity and passed to the client's architect.
  • The client's design team will comment on the room data sheet's, make suggestions and return them to us for amendment.
  • The client's architect will then use the room data sheets for loading the data onto the outline drawings produced during the architectural design process.
  • We will produce new bills of quantity after each revision and will provide the client with a comparison and analysis of changes.
  • We will provide budget pricing for the medical equipment and furniture components.
  • Generic specifications will be prepared for the medical equipment and furniture.
  • Technical services information will be prepared detailing on a generic basis the engineering information for major medical equipment.
  • There will be a final update and revision of the room data sheets and bill of quantity after final approval by the client.
  • We will supply the design Team with advice on equipment and equipment related issues on an as and when required basis throughout the process.

Initial Research

Project Design Development Programme

Construction Planning and Solutions (Optional)

Procurement and Supply

Delivery and Installation

Commissioning of Equipment and User Training

After-Sales Service including training of customer’s staff


Optional Services
as required by the client

Workshop Facilities in Various Parts of the World
including the Middle East with the facility to set up dedicated service centre if required